Hiking and Mountaineering - Class D

Hikes up to or over 15 miles round trip and/or greater than 3500 ft. elevation gain. These require very strenuous physical activity often including exposure or requiring use of technical skills. Knowledge based on prior experience and training is highly beneficial.


Hiking and Mountaineering - Class D Trips

Peak Bagging in the Lemhi Range

Join us in exploring peaks above 10,000 feet in the Lemhi Range. Each day we will summit a peak or two and relocate to another trailhead for the next day's peaks. Participants will need the ten+ essentials in their daypacks, food, water, and car camping gear. The hikes are mostly off trail, up to 12 miles RT with over 5,000 ft elevation gain with some YDS Class 3 terrain. The general area is about a 4-hour drive from Boise on paved or good gravel roads, plus an hour or two on rough 4WD trails. We return to Boise on Wednesday, August 14. No dogs, please.

Peak Bagging in the Seven Devils

Join us in exploring YDS Class 3E summits in the rugged and beautiful Seven Devils Peaks. On Sunday we will drive about 4.5 hours from Boise and carcamp on the way to the trailhead (accessible to passenger cars on a good gravel road). Monday we will backpack, partly off-trail, to a lake basin and set up base camp. That same day, we will scramble up the first of the peaks on our list. Tuesday, we hike off trail and scramble up a couple more peaks. Wednesday morning, one more short scramble is on the agenda before packing up, backpacking out, and returning to Boise.

Peak Bagging in the Northern Lost River Range

Join us in exploring summits above 10,000 feet in elevation in the highest mountain range of Idaho. We will leave Boise on Sunday afternoon and drive about 5 hours to a primitive campsite. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we head towards summits, re-locating to different primitive campsites on Monday and Tuesday evenings.. We return to Boise on Wednesday evening. Routes are YDS 2 - 3 and strenuous because of significant elevation gain over rough terrain. Roads are accessible to high clearance 4WD vehicles. No dogs, please.

Wallowa Mountains Traverse

Join us in exploring the lakes and summits of the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon at moderate elevations (5,000 ft. to 9,500 ft.) as we backpack about 60 miles on trails. We will average about 10 miles and 3,100 ft. elevation gain per day; our longest day will be about 12.5 miles and 4,200 ft. cumulative elevation gain. We have backpacked part of our planned route and are keen to revisit and to explore more.

Bell Mountain and other Lemhi Peaks from the West

Join us in exploring the west side route up Bell Mountain (we've been to the summit before, just not from this direction) and other 10,000+ foot peaks in the Lemhi Range. We'll leave Boise on Thursday and car camp on the way to the trailhead. Friday we will complete the drive a hike to the summit (YDS 3, over 4,500 ft. elevation gain and about 6 miles RT). Saturday and Sunday we will hike other YDS Class 2 or 3 peaks in the area, and return to Boise Sunday night. The trailhead is about a 4-hour drive from Boise on good roads, then 4WD on unmaintained roads for the last several miles.

Lemhi Range Peak Bagging

Join us in exploring peaks in the Lemhi Range. We'll leave Boise on Tuesday to start the drive to a primitive car-camping site. Wednesday we complete the drive to a trailhead, hike a summit 10,000+ ft. in elevation, relocate, and repeat on Thursday and Friday; Friday night we'll return to Boise. Hikes may be up to 11 miles round trip off trail (YDS 2) with up to 4,500 ft. elevation gain and YDS 3 scrambling along ridges. Some objectives have route descriptions and others will be true exploration with just a topographic map and compass.

He Devil Peak Climb

Please join us as we climb one of the country's Ultra-Prominent Peaks, He Devil Peak.  The mountain is located near Riggins on US 95 about 125 miles north of Boise.  Our plan is to drive to the trailhead on Saturday, and stay at the campground located at the trailhead.  Our Sunday accent will be that of the Northwest Ridge route.  The route is 10 miles roundtrip with an impressive 3,400' of vertical gain.  Most of the hike is upon trail, although the last mile includes some Class 2 with a bit of Class 3 scrambling at the top.  Please contact Travis @ 208-573-1750 or John @ 575-437-6303 if y

Peak Bagging in the Lemhi Range

Join us for a long weekend exploring the scenic northern Lemhi Range. 
Thursday after work we will start the drive and car camp. Friday we will complete the drive and backpack to our first camp. Saturday we will scramble two summits over 10,000 ft. in elevation and relocate camp. Sunday we will scramble up another two summits over 10,000 ft. in elevation.   Monday we backpack out and return to Boise. 

Mount Adams, Oregon Climb or Ski

This trip was postponed from June 1-3 due to road conditions to the trailhead.

     Climb Mt. Adams via the " Standard" South side route.  Ski glisade or hike up and down.  Plan to leave Boise Friday afternoon, climb Saturday, Return Sunday.  (Other personal options for travel may be arranged).  Two nights car camping at trailhead.  Crampons and ice axe required.  Prior snow climbing experience needed.  Minimum group size of 4 is desirable.  A co-leader is also desired.  Please contact leader for more details.