Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Advanced I

1800 ft. to 2500 ft. elevation gain, 15-20 miles.


Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Advanced I Trips

Avalanche Level One Refresher and Companion Rescue Clinic

Keep your skills up to date, the 705 Backcountry Ski Patrol is having two, almost free, classes this weekend. Both classes are this weekend at Soldier Mountain and if you have a Bogus Basin pass you can ski for free on Friday at Soldier Mountain.

Avalanche Level One refresher, $15 for NSP members. If you are not an NSP member you can obtain an Associate Membership for $60. A link to sign up and get more info can be found on our Facebook events page.

Winter Solstice Backcountry Ski Tour

Join us for a day of backcountry skiing, exact destination TBD depending on where we think the best conditions will be. Participants need avalanche beacons (with multiple antennas), probes, shovels, avalanche training, and climbing skins. Telemark gear, alpine touring, or split-boards are all appropriate for this trip. As usual, we'll do beacon checks and snowpack assessment; if you have not been out this season yet, before the trip remember to review all the stuff you forgot over the summer.

Pioneers Ski Tour

Join us for a tour into the picturesque Pioneers from the EF Wood River near Hailey.  The first few miles will likely be snowmobiled; the rest of our tour will be off-trail and we will likely be breaking trail. 


We'll leave Boise early on Saturday morning for the 3-hour drive to the winter parking area, ski in about 5 miles (with 2,000 ft elevation gain), and camp in a sheltered spot.  On Sunday we will explore slopes in the Hyndman Basin and Duncans Basin and enjoy turns on the way back to camp.  Monday we will pack up and ski out. 


backcountry day ski trip to North of Idaho City

Destination is a powder pocket N of Idaho City.  We will probably end up at Pilot's Peak or thereabouts, but it's up to the trip leader to detmine the final destination, depending upon avi conditions and preferences of the participants.   This is a trip for folks comfortable with a shovel, probe and a beacon and climbing skins.  You will bring your own.  Advanced 1 skill level, according to our club description, covers the amount of vertical we plan on, but 15-25 miles?  Are you kidding?  More like 4 or 5 max.


Backcountry Ski

The extended forecasts are predicting snow in the mountains earlier this week: time for backcountry skiing.  Dust off your skis and join us at one of the powder pockets north of Idaho City - destination TBD depending on where we think the best conditions will be - and get some turns in.  Telemark, Alpine touring/Randonee, split boards, or shaped backcountry touring skis are appropriate for this trip.  Beacons, probes, shovel, climbing skins and strong intermediate ski skills are required.  About 1.5 hours from Boise.  No dogs, please.