Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Advanced II

Over 2500 ft. elevation gain.


Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Advanced II Trips

Imogene Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness

The winter wonderland trip to Imogene Lake is one of our favorite 3-day ski tours. On Saturday, we will ski 5 or 6 fairly flat miles to Hell Roaring Lake (with only the first mile on a snowmobile trail) and camp. On Sunday we will day tour to Imogene Lake and beyond, depending on the strength of the party. There is a stiff 800-ft climb up the winter trail from Hell Roaring Lake before the terrain eases. We ski out and return to Boise on Monday (President’s Day). Back country touring skis are most appropriate for this trip. Rondenee or telemark gear is fine albeit heavier.