Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Moderate III

1500 ft. to 1800 ft. elevation gain.


Ski Touring and Nordic Skiing - Moderate III Trips

Seeking Gluttons for Punishment

Join us in a semi-exploratory ski tour in the Boise Mountains near Idaho City. We will be breaking trail on old logging roads and through the forest, up to about 10 miles round trip with about 1,700 foot cumulative elevation gain. This tour is not part of the Idaho City Park-n-Ski system and passes are not needed.

Ski conditions should be good with ankle-deep powder on a firm base. Nonetheless, this will be a strenuous tour.

Intro to backcounty skiing (alpine touring or telemarking)

You've heard about alpine touring, also called Randonee or AT or even ski mountaineering.  Or perhaps you are an in bounds telemarker who wants to get comfortable skiing in the backcountry.  This is your chance to check if this kind of skiing is for you.  Snowboarders on split boards are welcome too, though I, the instructor, can't help you much with the finer points of going uphill or downhill. Club members with more advanced skills are welcome, but don't expect anything steep or challenging.