We use several criteria in our trip descriptions to classify our snowshoe trips, focusing on round-trip mileage and total elevation gain. No classification system is perfect, and trip difficulties can vary greatly depending on the season and other factors. If after reading the trip description you have any questions about a trip's difficulty, contact the trip leader.

Snowshoe Trip Classifications

  • Easy: Up to 5 miles round trip and 600 ft. elevation gain.
  • Moderate: Up to 8 miles round trip and 1200 ft. elevation gain.
  • Difficult: Over 8 miles round trip or 1200 ft. elevation gain.


Snowshoeing Trips

Snowshoe Ponderosa State Park

Join me Saturday, Feb 27 for a snowshoe hike at Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho. We will snowshoe the main snowshoe trails within the spine of the peninsula, attempting to reach Osprey Point Lookout, have lunch, and then return upon Nordic Ski trails along the west coast of the peninsula. The entire loop totals approximately 6 miles. Please bring $4 for your individual Nordic Pass Trail Ticket. Limit 12, no dogs please. Bring the 10 IMR essentials, plenty of water, and lunch.

Snowshoe Bogus


Join me Saturday, Jan 30 for a snowshoe hike at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. We will snowshoe the Nordic Highway trail, from the Frontier Point Nordic Lodge, to the Superior Chair, have lunch, and then back on the Nordic Highway trail to the subsequent Sapper’s Return trail. The entire loop totals approximately 4 miles. Please bring $5 for your individual Bogus Basin Snowshoe Trail Ticket. Limit 12, no dogs please. Bring the 10 IMR essentials, plenty of water, and lunch.

Gold Fork Snowshoe

Let’s hope for clear blue skies just after a huge snowfall for this January trip. The trip will go up Gold Fork’s Moose trail and loop around using the Lodgepole and Double Dip trails with short bursts on the Golf Fork groomed trail (fine for snowshoers; just walk on the edge and stay out of the double track!). Mileage about 4+miles/600’+ total elevation gain. Trip limited to 8 people because we will be on the groomed ski trail for short durations. Inquire about dogs. 75 miles from Boise; Park n Ski Pass on vehicles will be needed; depending on conditions 2WD may be just fine.

Whoop Um Up Snowshoe Trip

Join me New Years Day, Friday, Jan 1 for a snowshoe hike at Whoop-Um-Up near Idaho City. We will snowshoe the Lower Lamar trail, to the Rocky Ridge Yurt trail, into the yurt, and then back on the remaining Lower Lamar loop for a total of aproximately 4 miles. To accomodate those who plan to be up late on New Years Eve we will be starting a little later than normal and will meet on the East side of Boise at 9:30 or 10:00 and car pool to the trail head. We will be back in plenty of time for people to join Mark’s REI Garage Sale Overnighter event. Good dogs OK.

Whoop-Um-Up snowshoe

Join me Saturday December 19th for a snowshoe adventure at Whoop-Um-Up near Idaho City. Conditions were fair this past Sunday so with the snow report promising for the rest of this week it should be pretty good for a Saturday snowshoe. We’ll shoe about 4 or 5 miles of hopefully untracked new snow on the east side of the highway on a different trail than the normal one to the Yurt. Bring the 10 IMR essentials, water, and a snack. We’ll meet on the East side of Boise at 9:30 and car pool to the trail head for a good 3 or 4 hours of exercise.

Bear Basin Snowshoeing

Come join me on the beautiful trails at Bear Basin near McCall. Those that wish can participate in the City of Trees Orienteering meet. I would like to participate as a group (groups of three or four work well), so we can make groups according to who wants to participate or you can participate on your own. I do not plan to be competitive, I enjoy orienteering as a way to brush up on map and compass skills, as well as thinking through the possible scenarios to accomplish your goal of finding all of the controls. Orienteering is really fun as a team endeavor.

Family Snowshoe @ Whoop 'Em Up

With school out in honor of Dr Martin Luther King, we thought families might enjoy a chance to have kids out playing with other kids while snowshoeing. We’ll have the slowest persons lead. IF we make it to Rocky Ridge yurt, it’ll be 3.4 miles round trip. The goal is a positive family experience, not to get some distance covered. Enough to get the kinks out. If that’s not enough for you, bring a fully-loaded backpack. :)

Snowshoe Idaho City

Drive to Banner Ridge. Suit up. Two cars then drive 2 miles down to Gold Fork. Drop off one car. Get a GPS fix on that car. Return in one car to Banner Ridge. Get a GPS fix on that car. Walk some 200-300 yards south on ID 21 to an barred-off, ungroomed road heading east. Hike it. It will (likely) connect with the Park ’n Ski route called Twister. Head south. Eventually fall off the south edge of the Banner Ridge map and enter the north edge of the Gold Fork map. Head for the Gold Fork parking lot. Reverse the automobile logistics discussed above. Head home.