Wilderness First Aid, Avalanche Awareness, Leadership Training and other learning opportunities.


Training Trips

Boise Butterfly Identification Workshop

To help you prepare for Sunday's Butterfly Count, we have scheduled a Butterfly ID workshop. This is a crash course on some of the butterflies we typically see on the count (or if you’d like to brush up your ID skills after tucking them away for the winter). The ID session will be held at Boone Hall at the College of Idaho in Caldwell. We will meet at the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History, in the basement of Boone Hall, at 11:45 on Saturday, July 6th. The workshop will last until approx 2:30. There is no charge to attend the workshop.

Wilderness First Aid

Hi wilderness types,

Below is an offer of a Wilderness First Aid course. If you've never taken such a class, it's all about what to do when you've already done required first aid on someone ... but the trailhead is hours and hours away. Of course, it also covers those kind of injuries that take place when camping and hiking, which can be rather different from those that occur around town and home.

Opportunities to take such a course do not come around often. It is absolutely worth the price. I will be there. Hope you can make it.


Happy Trail (Happy Hour) Lucky 13

This month the merry band of intrepid socializers will be returning to Lucky 13 over in East Boise's Harris Ranch. Check it out at 3662 S Eckert Road. 344-6967. Happy Hour starts at 4 pm (yeah!) and goes until 6 pm, so you don't want to arrive late. (If you can't make it before 6 pm, I surely hope you'll let someone know so we'll have a chance to have your drink waiting for you -- at Happy Hour prices!)

Winter Camping 101 - Classroom Session

Are you interested in transitioning from 3-season to 4-season overnight wilderness trips with the help of folks who have over 35 years of winter camping experience?  If so, this class is for you!


We will go over gear, food, hydration and techniques for staying warm in preparation for a one-night field session (see December 21st post).


Prior 3-season camping experience will help.  Participants must have or be willing to rent a 4-season sleeping bag, pad (or double up summer-weight pads), tent and/or metal-edged backcountry skis (or wider touring skis).