What do the Trip Classifications mean (A, B, C, D, etc)?

IMR uses a trip classification system to help members decide which trips are suitable for their abilities. The trip classifications are listed on the IMR Activities Page. Please review them, and know your abilities. If you are interested in doing a 'C' or 'D' activity, expect the Trip Leader to ask you some questions about your fitness level, past experience and recent trips. We do this so that not only you enjoy the trip, but that your co-participants do too. We don?t leave people by themselves on our trips. However, if a person overstates their abilities and ends up being a detriment on an IMR activity (a 'C' trip for example), then they are probably making the trip miserable for the rest of the group. As a result, that person may not be eligible to join another 'C' trip until they have proven their ability to do so.