Idaho Mountain Recreation Provides:

  • A philosophy of safety and preparation for outdoor/ backcountry activities. For example, our trip leaders highly encourage--and may require--Trip Essentials, or key things a participant should have in their pack. Trip Essentials: What to Bring
  • Scheduled activities with leaders who have experience and/or training to help group members learn about a new trail, attain an outdoor goal and meet other people.
  • Activities with a classification system so members get a clear picture of the demands a particular activities will require. "A" trips are the easiest; "D" trips are the most difficult. Check out IMR Trip Classifications to see what they mean. Participants should be responsible about signing up for activities that are challenging--but within their abilities.
  • Activities in our calendar are listed in a consistent format and include a variety trips including: day trips, overnight outings, short hikes, climbs and extended backpacks, boating, biking, snowshoeing and skiing.
  • Training/safety classes such as Wilderness First Aid, Backpacking Essentials, Winter Camping, etc
  • Monthly meetings with interesting speakers on outdoor topics.