IMR Meeting #2: Exploring Idaho's High Deserts

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Mark Werthmann at 424-6683 for details.

TOPIC: Exploring Idaho’s High Deserts presentation by Sheldon Bluestein WHEN: Wednesday March 21, 2007, 7-9pm WHERE: MK Nature Center at the Idaho Fish and Game, 600 S. Walnut Street, Boise, Idaho 83712 USA [Directions]. DESCRIPTION: Explore Idaho ’s high deserts with Sheldon Bluestein, author of a guidebook to hiking hidden gems in the sage brush plateau. Seasonal streams gouged canyons all but hidden until you are nearly at their rim. Sheer basalt cliffs and weird rock hoodoos loom above. American Indians left evidence of their occupation and migration in the form of petroglyphs, pictographs, and game walls. Native grasses and flowers flourish. Birds, coyotes, fox; pronghorn, jackrabbits, horned toads, timber rattlesnakes and more frequent these hideaways. Explore the website for the book, Exploring Idaho’s High Desert