Introduction to Backcountry skiing

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Email me, Jim, at mccallboaterATg mail dot com . Or call or message two 0 ate eight 6 nine to too 8 four.

It's time once again for our annual intro to BC skiing day trip. Join us on Sunday December 13 for an all day outing. Bring a lunch. You are invited to get together afterward for beverages and food. The past several years we've had fun teaching beginning and intermediate backcountry skiers the basics of safe, efficient fun skiing away from the lifts. My plan this year is to use the north edge of the Tamarack Ski Area as our classroom. But I haven't heard from the mountain manager yet with a go/no go permission, so our venue might change. Watch for updates. I'll email or message everyone interested with our final plans.

What to expect? This is a field day to learn and practice how to travel easily in the mountains, with either telemark or alpine touring equipment. Bring what you have or can borrow. If you need something essential, say so and club members will try to find what you need. Don't worry about avalanche equipment. We won't travel in avalanche terrain, and there are other IMR classes that focus on that subject.

You will learn how to set and follow an efficient skin track, how to manage transitions (from up to down, hiking to skiing, etc) what to carry in your pack, what to leave home, how to stay found, and how to be a good ski buddy. This isn't the day to get lots of turns in. The downhill skiing will be moderate, and those wanting to climb 5K vertical feet or descend big steep couloirs will be sorely disappointed. In the past we have had more than a few very experienced BC skiers attend, and everyone of every ability is welcome. But if you are already really good, expect to be recruited to help newbies.

Once I hear from you, I will send you an email withtrip updates, and links to some great homework sites; how to videos, lists, wisdom from our betters.