Lucky Peak

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For some people, a hike up Lucky Peak is a long-term, perhaps a life-time, goal. For others, it’s a springtime tune-up hike. The advantage of a Lucky Peak hike is you can often turn back safely, even solo. It’s a road with no traffic on it (most of the year). I am not advocating solo hiking but if you have inadvertently gotten in over your head, and the rest of the hikers really want to continue, the ability to safely hike back takes some of the pressure off others to return with you.

Having said that, if you cannot hike Table Rock twice in an afternoon, you should not go on this hike. (In other words, once is not enough.) You should not embark on a hike you know you cannot complete. Not only does it add to the risk to you, but it adds to the risk to your fellow hikers (irrespective of the previous paragraph about turning back safely). Additionally, as your body starts to tire, you will slow down, likely slowing the pace of the rest of the group. (We all have social needs.)

The plan this Saturday afternoon is to depart from the Hwy 21 trailhead (Wildlife Management Area). Plan for it to last all afternoon. Bring at least 3 quarts of water. For those of you who are not challenged by this hike, a great training technique is to bring bottles of extra water to add weight to your pack, emptying these bottles should you find the pack overloaded. For those of you who like numbers, it will be about six miles round trip and two thousand feet of gain.

Call me if interested and we will talk about the hike.