Picture Potpourri

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Karen 685-0263

Our November meeting will be the ever popular Picture Potpourri. Trip leaders and participants will showcase pictures from various trips that were done since last November. Come and see what you missed out on (or enjoyed!) and glean advice and ideas for future trips.

Potpourri rules: priority is given to IMR trips, then private trips by IMR members if time allows. Bring your presentation on a Windows-compatible DVD, CD, or thumb drive, either just pictures or you can whip up a show-stopping PowerPoint presentation. Please contact Carl (carlhamke at hotmail dot com) ahead of time so we can figure out how much time each presenter gets.

IMR monthly meetings are a way to hear about topics of interest to Idaho outdoor enthusiasts. The meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and are free and open to the public. (Of course, we shamelessly hope you like what you see and will join the club--but we also don’t pressure you!) We provide outing updates, announcements, and have a 45-minute presentation followed by discussion and/or social time so people have a chance to meet one another.

IMR holds meetings at the MK Nature Center Education Building, (http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/education/mknc) (next to Idaho Fish and Game), 600 South Walnut, Boise, Idaho, from 7-9pm. Meetings are from September through May. In June, July, and August we have potluck picnics.