Road Biking Loop

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Please contact Fran at 921-8698

Please join me Wednesday, June 8 for a little road biking.  We'll take Cartwright Rd. (from the Bogus Basin end) to Dry Creek Rd. to Seaman's Gulch Rd. and then return on Hill Rd.  Since this is not a hike, only some of the 10 IMR essentials are needed along with some bike-related items.  Please wear a helmet.  Other good items to have are a patch kit, tire irons, small pump, a front and rear bike light and a spare inner tube.  Bring water and snacks, sunscreen, and depending on weather outlook, a jacket.  I guesstimate the distance at about 22 miles.  This is not a flat route so you should feel comfortable with going up and down hills.  There are 2 significant climbs on this route.