Snowshoe Three Point Mountain

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Mark Werthmann 608-4562

We thought we'd stay close to the area insofar as it's the day after Christmas.  Three Point Mountain is just out I-84, around exit 64, turn north.  Maybe 40 minutes drive from Boise.  Intent is to start with a challenging climb the first half-mile (400 feet of gain), made all the more so due to the fact we hope to be in snowshoes.  4800 ft trailhead elevation: Hope springs eternal.  :)  IF we make it to the ridgeline, the views of the Trinities should be gorgeous.  A short trip from there to the peak.  Fini.  Unless we found the going a lot faster than we thought we would, in which case we'll turn toward Kepros for a mile or two.  Not far.  We should be exhausted already due to the snowshoes.  One dog only.  Must be a club member dog.  Eight people max.