Wilderness First Aid

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Mark Werthmann, idahomountainrec@yahoo.com by Friday October 13

This Wilderness First Aid Course is specifically designed for Idaho Mountain Recreation. This course will be approximately 16 hours divided over Saturday and Sunday.

The Wilderness First Aid Course will meet all requirements outlined by the Wilderness Medical Society for the WFA certification, which will include Patient Assessment and Movement, as well as Managing Major Trauma, Wounds, and Musculoskeletal Injuries. We will also devote time to Common Medical and Environmental Problems, particularly those relevant to year round back country travelers and recreationalists.

While we'll cover the full spectrum of required topics, there will be an emphasis on simple strategies for handling common problems. There will be time for questions and discussion in the highly interactive learning environment. Significant time will also be devoted to hands on practice, scenarios, and case studies to help ingrain knowledge gained during lecture.

The course will be taught by Bill McKnight, a Board Certified Physician Assistant, Fellow of the Wilderness Medical Society and IMR member. Bill has 15 years of clinical experience in emergency and family medicine. He taught Outdoor Emergency Care for the National Ski Patrol as well as WFA and WFR courses for an international medical support and education company before focusing on his own company, Simple Backcountry Medicine, for the last three years.

The cost of the course will be $150 including an extensive first aid kit and materials. The class does not include CPR, which is offered widely in the community.

The class size is limited, with IMR members having preference.

Cost is $150 per person, checks made payable to Idaho Mountain Recreation.

To enroll, email your name, address and telephone number and you will be sent an address for your payment by the October 13th deadline.

Refund policy: You may not get all of your money back if you cancel after the deadline because of non-returnable items purchased by the instructor for the class, unless someone on the wait list can take your place.