Winter Camping 101

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Carl or Judi, 208-859-2405 or jsteciak at hotmail dot com by Tuesday December 1st to sign up

Are you interested in transitioning from 3-season to 4-season overnight wilderness trips with the help of folks who have over 35 years of winter camping experience? If so, this class is for you!

We will contact participants in advance to go over gear, food, hydration and techniques for staying warm in preparation for this one-night experience.

Prior 3-season camping experience will help. Participants must have or be willing to rent a 4-season sleeping bag, pad (or double up summer-weight pads), and 4-season tent. Metal-edged backcountry skis or wider touring skis are appropriate for this trip. Bring wax if needed for your skis and climbing skins if you have them.

We will leave Boise early on Saturday, drive to the network of logging/mining roads north of Idaho City (drivers will need Park-n-Ski passes, available at the Benchmark and other locations in town and at a gas station in Idaho City). We will break trail for 4 -5 miles, gain just under 1,000 feet, and camp. We will tour in the area for the rest of the day. Sunday morning, we will break camp and ski out.

Participants should be in good physical shape and have been on cross-country skis before. In addition to putting into practice what we discuss in advance, you will have ample opportunity to practice kick turns, step turns, herringbone, side step, side slip, snowplow and just skiing with a full pack.

Although the area is relatively benign from avalanche hazards, if people are interested we are keen to use the opportunity to practice snowpack evaluation, beacon search, and rescue shoveling - in which case you will need your multi-antenna beacon, probe, shovel and inclinometer.